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Aging and Supplements

As we grow older, many of our bodily processes cease working as well as they did before. Thus, an occasional boost is required from time to time. Many people choose supplements containing different nutrients for these purposes. However, before you opt for a certain group of supplements, you need to know something about your organism. Namely, you cannot simply take whatever you think is good for you. Rather, you are to have your body tested and examined so that you can find out what nutrients you lack, thereby choosing them as your additional intake. Making wrong choices or taking supplements for things you already have enough in your system can be quite counter-productive. Therefore, take good care of your health and have yourself examined before taking any of thesesupplements.

Tests for Nutritional Deficiencies

You may do these tests by yourself after ordering them from the internet or buying them in a pharmacy or a similar facility. However, you are best to seek medical opinion and professional advice since this can be far more reliable.

The first test you need is called organic acid testing and it will show your deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. All you need to provide for this test is your urine sample. After the testing is done you are granted with an insight into your health condition and nutritional properties of the above mentioned type.

Additionally, your saliva can be tested for hormonal presence and balances. When we grow older, our hormones tend to show certain abnormalities in their balances. This can easily lead to lack of energy, memory and concentration issues, weight and sexuality problems and sleeping deficiencies. Therefore, if you desire to better these aspects of your life, make sure you balance your hormonal levels.

Both of the previously mentioned tests can be ordered and done at home. This is useful since not many health insurance providers are willing to cover for medical expenses of these tests.

Also, before choosing supplements, you should check your body for any food allergies. All you need, again, is a sample given in the labor atory and your results will be done in several weeks, making it easy for you to plan your next step towards choosing anti-aging products.

Finally, you should check your thyroid gland since it can be causing a lot of nutritional problems as well as other health complications.

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