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Problems that aging brings

Aging represents natural process we all should be completely aware of, especially when it comes to appearance of the wrinkles. Gradually by years, functions of some hormones, which are supposed to maintain skin’s fresh and youthful look (melatonin, thyroid, human growth hormone and so on.), are reduced in strength and efficiency. On the other hand, some hormones improve in production as we age (for example: prolactin , cortisol, insulin and so on.) These unbalances which happen in the hormonal levels, both with increasing and decreasing hormonal production, can result as some diseases.

Beside bad life habits, causers for aging diseases can, also, be found in genetic heritage and stress. Living a healthy life, with a lot of exercises and a proper diet can postpone or prevent these bad effects of aging.

As we already know, diet rich in vitamins and minerals plays important part of the healthy life. Daily intake of these substances (such as vitamin C, A, B, K and so on) will stimulate natural processes in our body to function properly more longer. Many anti-aging therapies are based on this supplements. Their regenerative and repairing ability helps our body to maintain youthful look.

Therapies of anti-aging

Idebenove is the product which has shown great results in this area. It helps mitochondrias (main energy producers of the cells) to perform their function in production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which gives energy to body tissues and organs, providing them to work properly. Also, the other effective therapy which helps in regeneration of the tissue is RNA replacement therapy.

Nevertheless, brain functions are also decreased as we age. Brain is consisted of protective sheath named -brain blood barrier and one of its functions is to prevent senility. As this barrier weakens as we age, the risk of diseases related to memory losing is present. Usage of nootropic supplements and cures protects this barrier and keep it healthy, and that way, prevents senility and other memory loss diseases.

Other cure which improves brain function is deprenyl, which increases the level of the dopamine (neurotransmitter whose decreasing in levels can provoke Parkinson’s disease) in the brain.

Aesthetical signs of aging, such as wrinkles and discoloring of the skin, also can be reduced by proper nutrition and usage of the hormone therapies. Food rich In vitamins and antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, helps us to eliminate toxins from the body.

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