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There are manynatural ways recommended to prevent prostate cancer. People are advised to takeantioxidants, eat more vegetables, fish rich in omega essential fats and drinkmore green tea or even a glass of red wine every day.

Antioxidantsagainst Prostate Cancer

Antioxidants arefound to be helpful against all cancers and heart-related problems. Thesesubstances can deal with harmful effects of oxygen free radicals. Thisso-called oxidative stress is one of the mechanisms of development andfurther progression of cancers. Because of that, if a person takes sufficient amount ofantioxidants in food or supplements, there is good chance he won’t have problemwith prostate cancer. Antioxidants are proven to work even better when peoplecombine them with vitamin E supplements, selenium or lycopene.

Vegetables suchas broccoli and tomatoes are rich in antioxidant substances and there areseveral studies indicating that these can significantly decrease the risk ofprostate cancer. Regular consumption of broccoli and cauliflower may reduce therisk of prostate cancer for more than 50%. Eating two or three servings ofvegetables such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or broccoli per weekis proven to be beneficial for lowering the risk from prostate cancer.

Apart fromkeeping your prostate safe and healthy, vegetables can also positively affectyour love life and sexuality. These food can maintain your blood flow intact,helping you to achieve and sustain erection during the sexual intercourse.

Lycopene found incooked tomatoes and grapefruit are also proven to decrease the risk of prostatecancer development. Tomatoes are also rich in vitamins A and E and potassiumand as such they are part of the Mediterranean diet. People on this diet alltheir life are discovered to be healthier than people living in other parts ofthe world and eating different food. The magic is in the food and this dietconsists of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil and fish. Meat andanimal fats are used in very small amounts.

Animal foods haveshown negative results in the studies and people eating largeamount of animal food are found to be exposed to increased risk of prostate cancer.

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and omega6 fatty acids are substances scientifically proven to inhibit the invasion ofprostate cancer cells and probably prevent metastasis. These fatty acids can be foundin fatty fish, such as tuna, sardines, herring, trout or striped bass, and alsoin many oils we use. There are also many supplemental capsules containing these beneficial fatty acids.

Red Wine andGreen Tea

Eight glasses ofred wine (or glass per day) is said to decrease the risk from prostate cancer,as well as several cups of green tea every day.

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