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Manifestations of an Ankle Injury

Once, we injure our ankle, or any given part of our body, one thing is for sure. We are bound to experience pain and discomfort. The latter may be manifested through bruising, swelling and numerous other complications, making our unfortunate condition worse. However, sometimes, we may hurt our ankle, feel pain, but do not experience any manifestations of swelling. This, usually, is a good sign since it means that there is no tissue damage of any kind and all our joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments are in good condition, regardless of the injury. Nevertheless, we are still experiencing pain in these situations and, therefore, it is best to know what causes it and how may our ankles be treated in such troublesome conditions.

A Good Sign, in Need of Precaution

Having endured an ankle injury without the swelling or bruising of the hurt spot afterwards is the best possible outcome of this mishap. As it was mentioned above, it means that our ligaments are intact, or are not in greater danger of getting hurt. Nevertheless, we should be extremely careful as long as we experience pain in the area in question. Thus, even though this pain will cause you no difficulties regarding walking or even running or jumping, you should still take it easy. In these cases, do not strain your ankles too hard since this might lead to further damage. Rather, try to provide your bothersome ankle the rest it needs in order for the pain to cease.

Another Side of This Phenomenon

Instead of directly injuring your ankle you may sprain it by stepping incorrectly or performing some other, abnormal physical actions during running, playing sports or other situations. Even though these mishaps are bound to cause severe pain and make you unable to walk correctly, swelling may still be absent in some cases. However, ligament damage is always present and you are highly advised to seek medical attention as soon as you experience suffering from a sprained ankle.

Your doctor, after examining your ankle may recommend resting and application of ice in order to reduce or completely remove both the swelling and the pain you might be experiencing. Even though you might not be experiencing swelling, you might still calm your inflammation down with ice. Alternatively, you may get some anti-inflammatory medications and/or painkillers for these purposes. Finally, immobilization and resting are crucial, and you are recommended to wear bands for these purposes and reduce your usage of the injured ankle to the very minimum.

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