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Introduction to torn cartilage in ankleWhen a person tears the cartilage in their ankle it can be a really the painful experience, therefore it is really important to treat the injury as soon as possible.

The Achilles tendon is what connects the muscles of the lower part of the leg to the heel bone, and if this part of the foot is injured, this tendon could rupture if the injury is severe.

Any strain that is great can cause the ligaments and tendons of the ankle to strain or tear.

There are many injuries of the ankle that are possible, especially for people who participate in aggressive sports.

Symptoms of torn ankle cartilage

One of the major symptoms of such a condition is instability. A person will not be able to put weight on the ankle if the cartilage has been damaged.

Pain will also be experiences with torn cartilage or a torn ligament, though the degree and severity of the pain will of course depend on how bad the injury was. All injuries of the ankle, even sprains, will cause pain, because it is a very sensitive part of the body.

When such an injury does occur, there will also be a lot of swelling and inflammation which is caused by fluid collecting around the affected area. The ankle can swell up so bad that it will not be able to move at all. If the inflammation and swelling is very severe, there could be another problem, and not just torn cartilage.

Many athletes say that they know they have a problem with the ankle when they here a popping sound at the moment of the injury. This is usually heard when a ligament is torn and it sounds a little like snapping a rubber band.

Bruising is also another visible sign of torn cartilage in the ankle. If the cartilage or ligaments are injured, the blood will start to poll under the skin and bruising will ensue. Treatment

The common treatment is the rice procedure, which includes a lot of rest, ice, compression and elevation for the ankle. Of course, the treatment will always depend on the severity of the injury.

There are also medicines that will be prescribed to make the person feel more comfortable during recovery and take care of some of the pain that comes along with the injury.

In the most extreme injuries, an ankle arthroscopy will be needed. If there are remnants of a bone chip or broken cartilage in the ankle, then surgery will be needed to fix this problem.

The surgeon will reconstruct the ankle and repair the torn cartilage by using a suture and stitches. Sometimes other tendons in the foot are used to repair the ligaments that were damaged.

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