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The ankle is a part of the body which, together with a foot, bears incredible amount of weight. The pressure to the ankles is high if one is standing and it only increases during certain activities such as running or jogging.

Inner ankle pain is common in athletes since this part of the leg is prone to many injuries. The pain is most commonly associated with injuries induced by running or putting too much pressure on the ankle. If the ankle pain, is intense or lingers for a while, or is associated with a severe injury, a person should consult a doctor.

What Causes Inner Ankle Pain?

This particular pain in majority of cases develops due to Achilles tendinitis, Achilles tendon rupture, septic arthritis and injured ankle or foot. Inner ankle pain can be additionally originated from arthritis of the ankle (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or gout). Avulsion fracture, pseudogout, sprains and strains are several more causes of inner ankle pain.

Treatment for Inner Ankle Pain

Treatment for inner ankle pain is generally conservative. The person is advised to stay in bed and restrict any kind of activity which may lead to even more severe pain or further damage to certain tissues.

In case the pain is accompanied by swelling of the ankle, one may apply cold compresses on the affected area. One more important thing is to keep the leg elevated. If the leg is above the level of the heart, it will prevent accumulation of excess of fluid around the ankle.

Patients who have suffered injuries and sprains and strains are prescribed painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. These drugs can successfully deal with pain in the particular area. If inner ankle pain occurs due to some other medical conditions, once these illneses are brought under control the pain will subside.

If necessary patients are taught how to perform some exercises. They are part of the a physical therapy and their goal is to restore all the movement in the ankle and to strengthen the nearby muscles.

How to Prevent Inner Ankle Pain?

If one is engaged in any kind of sports activities he/ she is supposed to wear proper shoes. Adequate running shoes may be very effective against injuries, sprains and strains. Furthermore, any kind of physical activity must be performed properly and not vigorously. The injuries generally occur accidentally but sometimes people push themselves too hard in order to achieved better a result, which can cause severe damage to certain parts of the body.

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