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Every person in the world is aware that the ankle can move in two directions. These two directions are away from the body or plantar flexion and toward the body or dorsiflexion. The ankle is formed by the meeting of three bones. The end of the tibia and fibula meet a large bone in the foot, also known as the talus, and thus the ankle is formed. People should know that the bony knobs that are on both sides of the ankles are known as malleoli. Malleoili are very important for the ankle, because their main purpose is to provide stability. Ligaments on both sides of the ankle also play an important role in the joint stability. Fibrous joint capsule is the thing that surrounds the ankle joint. Achilles tendon of the calf muscle is attached to the back of the heel and it goes past the back side of the ankle. Every ankle should be able to move the foot. People need to know that the actual muscles which move the ankle are located in the front and back portions of the leg. These muscles are quite strong. When people walk, these muscles contract and relax.

Ankle sprains and fractures

It is pretty common for people to experience ankle sprains. When a person has sprained his or her ankle, he or she has actually sprained the ligaments. The ligaments are then completely or partially torn. This usually happens due to sudden stretching. It is more likely for people who already experienced ankle injuries to suffer from ankle sprains. Preexisting muscle weakness in the ankle area is also a factor that influences the occurring of ankle sprain. In most cases of ankle sprain, it happens when a person twists the ankle all of a sudden during a sport activity. In most cases there is a swelling which occurs straight away. An X-ray is usually done in order for the degree of the damage to be determined and to be seen whether there is a fracture as well. The best way to treat an injured ankle is to apply ice, rest and limit the walking. The leg should also be elevated. Immobilization casts are placed in cases of severe sprains. Surgical procedures are performed only in cases of severe fractures.

Diseases and conditions that cause ankle pain

Inflammatory types of arthritis are known to cause ankle pain quite often. Apart from them, there is also the tarsal tunnel syndrome. Infections, on the other hand, do not occur that often.

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