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Forearm Injury Characteristics

Even though many people tend toconsider every forearm injury the same as the tennis elbow condition,this is not necessarily the case. Namely, our forearm consists ofmore than one tendon and other crucial parts which might be hurt.What is more, not only tennis players are prone to this condition.Rather, a simple process of carrying something too heavy for yourarms or repeating certain movements which are capable of over-forcingyour ligaments may lead to development of tennis elbow as well.Finally, depending on the hurt area, there are more names for thiscondition involving forearm and elbow injury. While tennis elbow isan expression related to the injury outside of the elbow, internalinjury is called a golfer's elbow and injury to the back part of ourelbow is called bursitis.

Manifestations of Forearm and ElbowInjuries

Depending on the severity and thelocation of the injury, the symptoms may differ as well. Usually, theinjured person is unable to hold tight anything without experiencingpain and discomfort. This inability may last from 6 weeks to 3months, depending on the speed of the recovery period. Also, the painmay be transferred to the rest of one's arm and even shoulders, onlyamplifying immobility and difficulties related to this type ofinjury.

Healing and Prevention

First of all, while recovering, thebest prevention of this injury is resting. Therefore, you are advisedto keep your troublesome arm as unused as possible, enabling it asuccessful and fast healing process. Even after you experience someimprovements, do not continue exercising or doing sports until theinjury has healed completely.

As for pain relief, you may considerusing many painkiller creams applied topically. These may bepurchased without a prescription and are bound to help you deal withall the hardships forearm and elbow injury may have in store.Alternatively, you may consider using ice compresses onto thetroublesome spots for about 15 minutes up to 4 times a day. This willreduce both swelling and pain. Apart from these, above mentioned,pieces of advice, there is nothing else you can do since the mainrole in the recovery period is played by time. Thus, you needpatience in order to have a fully usable and healthy elbow onceagain.

Finally, in order to avoid having aninjured elbow again or to prevent this situation from ever happening,it is best to stretch and worm up before doing any exercise involvingthis body part. Also, you can benefit from making your wrists andelbows stronger. Therefore, make sure your workout routine involvesthese kinds of exercises as well.

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