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Those who have flat feet mostly suffer from a problem calledankle tendonitis. This condition affects posterior tibialis tendon, which goesunder the ankle's bony knob. The foot's arch is raised by thistendon. The condition we are talking about can be confused with a Achillestendonitis, but the tendons affected in these two conditions are different.


The posterior tibialis tendon can suffer excessive stress and this is the mainreason for the development of ankle tendonitis, which is particularly common among people who are into sports. Ankle suffers a lot of stress due to sports such as football, tennis, baseball,squash and basketball. Ankle tendonitis is also common among those starting with exerciseprogram due to the fact they are not accustomed to the exercises. This willlead to inflammation but it can be prevented. Genetic abnormalities can be the causeof the ankle tendonitis, and in many cases, the age is the trigger of this problem. Tendonitisand other injuries can occur due to the age factor and the tightening up of thebody along with the loss of elasticity.


Mild symptoms will be experienced at first, but they will begin to aggravate iftreatment is not conducted. The most common symptoms of ankle tendonitis arepain felt during the inward movement of the foot, pain during ankle bending, stiffnessfelt while performing some activity and after that, hot feeling, redness, tenderness,swelling in tendon area, night pain, morning pain, tenderness and pain felt in the area close to the tendon. Painwill aggravate during and after the activity, but it will decrease after sometime. Treatment will have to be conducted because the fact that pain has reduceddoes not mean that the problem is eliminated.


Inflammation and pain can be reduced with the treatment, which does not require medicinesor visit to the hospital. In order to treat this problem do not perform activitiesthat inflict pain, apply rest, ice, compression and elevation, use anti-inflammatorymedications and end the treatment with slow return to the activities. There isa chance that this treatment is unsuccessful and in this case, doctors must bevisited. Surgery is the lastresort treatment for ankle tendonitis.


It is best to prevent the problem, which is why before you do some strenuousactivity, you should do a 10 minute warm up, make sure to use correct footwear, look for unevenground and holes during walk and start an activity slowly. Also, stress on the bodycan be great, so never exceed your limits, and rest if you experience stiffnessin the tendon following an exercise. Risks of ankle tendonitis raise with age,so be careful when you pass the 40s. You have to treat ankle tendonitis becauseit can become much worse and affect your life.

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