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A Good or a Bad Combination?

Most of us can already presume that combining antidepressants and alcohol can be bad for us. However, many people who are supposed to use antidepressants on a daily basis do not want to give up on their drinking habits and continue to consume alcohol. Usually, they are warned by their doctors that this combination can be quite dangerous and are guided how to combine the two safely. You should minimize alcohol intake and take the medications at a specific times, if the person desires to indulge. All in all, you are better off without alcohol if you are taking antidepressants. If you are still wondering why, perhaps the following lines may provide a fuller explanation.

The Effect

Upon taking alcohol and antidepressants together, you are likely to feel more depressed. Alcohol is known to be a depressant, thereby diminishing or blocking the effect of the medications you are taking, causing you to sink further into depression.

Moreover, once you take these two together, you might get affected and intoxicated more. Both antidepressants and alcohol change your perception and affect your awareness, concentration and coordination, as well as judgment. Thus, combining the two can only make you less capable of leading a normal life, making you a potential danger for yourself and to others.

There are many side-effects antidepressants have on a person. These, combined with those delivered by alcohol consumption can only make things worse. For example, these medications make one sleepy and alcohol does the same thing, thereby amplifying the effect. Subsequently, you are likely to fall asleep during your everyday activities due to the combination of these two elements in your system.

Finally, you can make a wrong decision that can prove fatal. Basically by combining monoamine oxidase inhibitors with certain alcoholic beverages can increase your blood pressure significantly, causing a stroke. Therefore, if you are still into drinking and taking these medications, you may rest assured that death may be one of your side-effects.

Usually, one drink a day may not be harmful once you are on antidepressants. However, this “one drink” stands for 12 ounces of beer or 5 ounces of wine or 1 ounce of whiskey or spirits. Everything exceeding this limit can and will be dangerous for your health and may jeopardize your life.

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