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Night sweating is one of the most common conditions characterized by the extreme sweating that occurs when one sleeps at night. Nocturnal hyperhidrosis is the medical term for night sweating.

Do Night Sweats Occur in Men?

This condition is very unpleasant because a person gets completely wet, as well as the clothes he/she wears and bedding he/she uses. Furthermore, the person with this problem usually does not sleep well.Night sweating affects both women and men, although it is more frequent in men above 45 years of age. However, nocturnal hyperhidrosis also occurs in men under 40.Many people suffer from night sweats. The reasons behind this medical issue may be quite simple and more or less harmless, therefore making it easily treatable. Unfortunately, sometimes the causes are not so benign and a severe underlying illness may have night sweats as a symptom, making things significantly worse.

Causes of Night Sweats in Men under 30

One of the causes of night sweating is high bedroom temperature. Furthermore, too many blankets may cause a person to sweats abnormally. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a condition marked by the constant and excessive sweating, but unfortunately, the main cause of it has not been established yet.

There are cases when certain medications, such as anti-depressants, acetaminophen and nitroglycerin trigger extreme night sweats in men less than 30 years of age. This happens because these drugs interfere with many chemicals in the body. Furthermore, night sweats may also be triggered by several medical conditions, such as tuberculosis, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Nocturnal hyperhidrosis may additionally appear as a symptom of many serious diseases, such as a cancer, lymphoma and HIV/AIDS. In these cases, night sweating occurs because the body’s immune system weakens over time. Other causes responsible for the occurrence of night sweats in men under 30 are stress, anxiety and excess consumption of alcohol.

Moreover, if you are in the process of quitting alcohol indulgence completely, this issue may be one of the withdrawal symptoms, especially if it is accompanied by nightmares, hallucinations and similar fits.Treatment for Night Sweats in Men under 30

When the symptoms of night sweats are noticed, the men with this problem should go and visit a doctor, who will first establish the underlying cause of this disorder in order to opt for the appropriate treatment. The doctor must be informed about the medical history of the patient, but also about his lifestyle and everyday habits. If a man suffers from idiopathic hyperhidrosis, the doctor can offer various treatment options.

Oral anticholinergic medicines are usually prescribed for this medical condition, but since these drugs may have many adverse effects, they cannot be used for a long period of time.

Botox injections are also used in the treatment of the night sweats and these are administered usually in hands, feet and underarms.

Only in severe cases surgery is recommended. During the surgical procedure the nerves that are responsible for excessive sweating are made ineffective.

Age Related Night Sweats

Men over 50 undergo many physical changes and their bodies become much more sensitive to food, lifestyle and medications they simply need to take. Thus, it is not strange that night sweats may be triggered by numerous different factors, when it comes to men of older age.

A most common cause of night sweats in this age is andropause. Similarly to women and their menopause, some men experience drastic hormonal changes once they are past their 50s, and even 40s sometimes. This results in a decline of their testosterone levels, hot flashes and night sweats being some of the most common symptoms.

Unfortunately, other illnesses may be behind this as well. Namely, as it was mentioned above cancer, AIDS, Lyme disease along with numerous viral and bacterial infections, all can be possible causes of night sweats in men over 50 as well.

As the list goes on, stress comes next. In fact, numerous nervous system disorders like post-traumatic stress syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and others, along with standard, stress-induced anxiety all may cause night sweats too.

Older men should take good care of their nutrition, carefully selecting the food they eat, since, often, this may be a factor related to night sweats at an older age. So, avoid spicy food, along with garlic, onion and red meat before going to bed.

Also, check the instructions on any medications you might be taking since many of them, especially antidepressants, tend to have night sweats as a side effect. Taking into consideration that older men are usually taking certain types of medications on a regular basis, these can be common triggers of night sweats.

Many reasons can lead to night sweats, both in men younger than 30 and men older than 50. Therefore, even though, in general, the main reason behind night sweats is yet to be discovered, you are advised to seek medical assistance and, with the help of your doctor, find the culprit behind your excessive sweating at night.

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