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Acne foruncular is a particular type of acne, and it cannot be treated in the same way as the majority of acne problems, because inthis case, painful nodules that form in the skin are the main problem thatneeds to be treated. Staphylococcus is the bacteria responsible for theirdevelopment, although furuncles are also known as the infection of the hair follicle.Besides the face, armpits are also the parts of the body where they tend todevelop, as well as groin area and neck. Since this problem is chronic innature, in order to cure it, the person would have to use antibiotics for along time. Still, this might cause a number of side effects, regardless of theantibiotic prescribed, which is why natural remedies should be consideredinstead.

Natural treatment of various health problems is becomingmuch more common than before, and one of the main reasons for that is theirsafety. Natural treatment will very rarely cause side effects, which cannot besaid for the conventional methods of treatment, and particularly antibiotics,which have the tendency to provoke yeast infection in female patients.

Natural treatment for acne foruncular

Most commonly employed ingredients are aloe vera, rose waterand honey, but lemon extracts, neem oil and other ingredients can be useful aswell.

There is a paste that can be made when one tablespoon of honeyis mixed with gram flour and turmeric powder. It has to be kept for 15 minuteson the face, and washed off with water afterwards. Due to the ingredients, thismask can be used for every day cleaning.Cinnamon and honey make a very good and helpful combinationwhen acne foruncular is in question. The same goes for a mixture of salt andvinegar and the combination of oatmeal and warm water.If a person rubs the juice of raw papaya into theproblematic area, it will decrease redness and swelling.What is also considered to be an effective natural remedy isblack mud soap. However, the person should first make sure that they are notallergic to some of the ingredients, because this will only aggravate the problemand complicate it more. Besides, it is important to maintain good hygiene ofthe skin and to make sure that the diet is healthy. On the other side,detoxification of the body is recommended as well, because this is the only wayto eliminate the toxins that build up in the body.

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