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Even though it is well known that increased levels of cholesterol are dangerous to the health of the person, the moment when people become aware of that is usually the moment when certain health issues begin to emerge due to this problem. This is when the greatest majority of people with increased cholesterol levels realizes that it is high time something was done about it.

Natural methods of treatment of cholesterol

When it comes to the available methods of treatment of high cholesterol, the doctors usually first suggest certain changes in the lifestyle if cholesterol is not much above the levels considered to be normal. These changes primarily refer to the diet, which simply must become healthier than it used to be, but besides this, exercising is also highly recommended, and it is not so without a good reason. There are numerous homemade remedies that might help in lowering cholesterol, and it is always a good idea to give them a chance as well, provided that the person is not allergic to some of its ingredients, of course. Ayurvedic medicine might also provide an effective solution. However, it is possible that all these ‘natural’ steps will not give the wanted signs of improvement in the predicted period, and this will be a sure sign that the person in question will need to start with some medications, which will certainly help in lowering high cholesterol.

Medications for the treatment of high cholesterol

A negative thing regarding the medications is the possibility of causing a number of side effects, of which some are not at all harmless. This is why the person who begins to use them should be informed about the majority of them at least, in order to react properly if some of them occur. However, there is a wide range of options, and which will choice will be made depends on several factors. Surely, the doctor will be the one who will suggest the best one. Side effects are definitely not the same for all the medications, but those that are most frequently employed in such cases are statins, bile-acid-binding resins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors, or a combination of the first and the last mentioned.

If a person has increased levels of triglycerides as well, the doctor might suggest fibrates, niacin, or supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids. Still, not all the medications will be equally effective in all cases, which is why sometimes a few has to be tried out before the right one is discovered.

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