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When to use mineral oil enema?

Mineral oil enema is used as a colon cleanser, as a method ofrelieving the constipation, and as an aider in the process of weight loss. The mechanismof action of this enema consists of slowing down the process of waterabsorption in the bowel, which results in softening of the stool.

Since the prices of mineral oil enema can be rather high,people tend to make this enema at home. An easy way in which it can be preparedrequires 2 cups of mineral oil and 5 cups of filtered water. This mixtureshould be heated to approximately 103 degrees either in the microwave or on thegas stove, and to make sure that the necessary temperature is achieved, a thermometercan be used. Besides the enema, enema bag and rectal tube will also be neededand the whole procedure can begin.

A word of precaution

However, before deciding to use mineral oil enema, it is highlyrecommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist, particularly if some conditionis present in the person in question, or if some medications are being taken. Thisway certain side effects can be prevented, because mineral oil enema mightprovoke interactions if used while on certain medications, or if person ispregnant, bedridden, or if one suffers from any type of allergy. People who had appendicitisor those who suffer from intestinal blockage, kidney failure or heart failure shouldnot use mineral oil enema either, as well as people who have gastrointestinalproblems, rectal bleeding, or pain in the abdomen. Even though it might notseem important, it is necessary to inform about the risks of side effects when theenema is used while using some dietary supplements or herbal preparations.

As for the possible and reported side effects, the most frequentlyexperienced are bloating, gas and diarrhea. Nausea and cramps in the stomach mightalso occur, as well as pain in the muscles and weakness. Some people complainedabout disturbed bowel movement in the following 6 to 8 hours, as well as aboutdizziness and fainting. Some signs that indicate allergic reaction could alsoappear and they should not be ignored, particularly if problems with breathing,rash, swelling of the face and tightness in the chest are experienced. Due toall these possible complications, mineral oil enema is not recommended as amethod for weight loss.

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