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Water, along with oxygen, is the most important element for survival of human beings. A simple fact that even 60% of a fully grown human being is made of water emphasizes this fact even more. Besides quenching thirst, which is our body's alert mechanism when we lack fluids, water is involved in almost every action our body performs. Water conducts all transfers within our organism, it cleans it, it dissolves and liquefies all the waste we expel from our body such as excrements, urine and stool. Water in our body regulates its temperature and acts as a lubricant for all the tissue material we are made of. If you ever wondered how wrinkles come to life water is also connected to that since lack of water in some of our cells causes them to go dry and creates wrinkles. It is thereby quite obvious that we need to take care of our body by providing it with regular hydration thus preventing numerous problems only by intaking this precious liquid.

Through normal processes our body performs each day, functioning, urinating, sweating, we lose more water than most of us imagine. This being a fact, it is necessary to make it up for this loss as soon as possible since the moment we fell thirst we are already late. Dehydration causes us to urinate less and conserves water in our kidneys, disrupting all the important processes in our body causing a domino effect of health problems.

As it progresses, dehydration is experienced through headache, drowsiness, increased heart makes us more prone to irritation and at final stages it can even cause organ damage and death.

The best indicator of water levels in human beings is urine. If its color is dark yellow, you clearly lack water and should make up for the loss. If the color is light yellow, your water levels are sufficient. Of course, athletes need more water than other people since they spend more of it in the process.

Another interesting indicator is going to the bathroom. Statistically, if we are hydrated enough, we should urinate every two to three hours and if we do not feel an urge for urinating longer than this period, it's high time we drank some water. Every time we pass that tap in our houses we should stop and have a drink, and when going out, the best thing would be to carry a bottle of water with us since sun rays combined with physical activity such as walking drain more water from us than sitting at home.

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