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Alcohol addiction needs to be eradicated from your life ifyou want to cure alcoholism. Alcoholism is actually a disease that affects thebody's natural functioning. It is a physical or mental state, which causesdistress, syndromes, disturbed behaviors, dysfunctions, discomfort and in somemore serious cases, even death. Consumption of alcohol is a very difficultthing to shake off for those who are suffering from the mentioned disorder.Cravings that a person with alcoholism problems feels have exactly the same effects as those felt during food of water cravings. People suffering from this disorderwill continue drinking and put their lives in jeopardy knowingly. Death will becaused by the alcoholism but first a person will experience defiant signs,withdrawal symptoms and then organs will slowly start to shut down, leadinginto death. Guilt is one of the most influential factors for the cravings for drinking,which are of the lowest intensity in the morning and of the highest in the evening. Ifyou find yourself in such a situation, you will have to look for help because youare an alcoholic.

Withdrawal Symptoms and blood alcohol test

These symptoms will be experienced once a person suffering from alcoholism doesnot receive the dosage of alcohol that he or she receives at a certain time.Uneasiness, pains, headaches and sickness are the most common withdrawalsymptoms.

Every DUI accident will be followed by a blood alcohol test, which will show thelevel of alcohol consumption at a particular hour. This test will not find thecause of long-term abuse of alcohol, but it can certainly help in this quest.Alcoholism can be detected due to the enlarged red blood cells, deficiency ofcarbohydrates, testosterone levels among men.


No person suffering from alcoholism will say that the medical problem he or shehas is associated with the alcoholism, and this is when the friends and familywill have to help or there will be further complications. Usually residentialimpatient or outpatient programs are used, but there are several options when the treatment is connected. Get some counseling and see at which level ofalcohol dependence you are. Once you do this, the treatment plan will be made. Follow-up care is the next step of the treatment. Group and individual therapy,and other forms of residential treatment programs, will be very helpful inremoving this problem from your life. Know that you have a problem and try toreduce the amount of alcohol you drink, and you will be on a good way.

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