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A lot of people experience abdominal pain after eating at least once in their life. It is a pretty common condition. A person who experiences abdominal pain after eating will feel the pain either mild or severe in the left or the right part of his or her abdomen. A person suffers from this condition mainly because he or she has eaten certain foods that the organism is not familiar with, foods that cause allergies or by overeating. The pain in the abdomen will not occur straight away. In some cases it will happen a couple of minutes after eating while in other it may take even hours. The food a person has eaten and the way the body reacts to it will determine that.

Causes of stomach pain after eating

The food a person eats is not the only factor that can cause stomach pain after eating. There are lots of health conditions that can cause that inconvenience.


The abdomen will hurt and bloat because of the chemical reaction that will happen when the bodily fluids meet various microorganisms that food contains. The body will battle to get rid of the harmful bacteria found in order to avoid infections. In that case a person will most often vomit after a meal. It is mostly the people who eat a lot of fast food who vomit after a meal.


When the pain in the upper abdomen is felt some 7 or 12 hours after a meal it is usually caused by pancreatitis. In case of an acute pain, there is the danger of stomach ulcer, pelvic inflammatory disease, food poisoning and even diabetes.

Liquid substances

A lot of people drink a lot of liquid substances like water and soft drinks after a meal. A person who does that will only dilute the stomach acids and allow the fungi and bacteria to survive. In such cases a person may end up suffering from indigestion. Diarrhea may be present as well.

Intestinal obstruction

This is another common cause of stomach cramps after eating. In most cases a person will suffer from vomiting and watery stools as well.Treatment and prevention for stomach problems after eating

Stomach pain can be treated with some simple medications. However, if the pain is caused by some disease a person will need to go to the hospital and seek medical advice.

A person can easily prevent stomach pain after eating by simply avoiding fast food, making sure that he or she eats on time, does not sleep immediately after a meal or overeats. Liquids should be avoided right after a meal.

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