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A lot of people suffer from stomach ache after eating. There are a lot of diseases and disorders that are connected with this particular problem. In most cases, the problem is not a serious one and is treated easily. However, in some cases stomach ache can be a symptom of some serious underlying disease. There are a couple of pretty serious implications that are connected with stomach ache after eating. If the pain does not go away after a time or it occurs quite often a person should go to the hospital and seek medical advice.

Major causes of stomach ache after eating

A lot of people drink coke or beer during the meal. Experts advise against this action because it can lead to a number of stomach problems after food consumption. Bloating occurs in a lot of cases as well. If a person consumes even water in excessive amounts, he or she will interfere with the stomach’s functioning. The fluids a person drinks dilute the stomach acid and digestive juices which are essential for the process of digestion. When this happens the stomach will have to put extra effort in order to break down the molecules.

Parasites are another reason for stomach ache. Various parasites can be found in the stomach and some of them can cause chronic digestive disorders. In most cases a person will experience diarrhea along with stomach ache. Parasites also cause tiredness after eating.

Yeast infection can also cause stomach ache after eating. The good bacteria in the stomach will be killed by the overgrowth of candida. Too much candida also interferes with production of enzyme and stomach acid and bile.

A person who exercises after eating will suffer from stomach ache as well. Not only does this cause stomach ache but it can lead to some serious health problems.

Serious causes of stomach ache after eating

Blockage of blood vessels is a serious cause of stomach ache after eating. Intestinal tract needs more blood after eating and that puts more pressure on the blood vessels. Most often a couple of them get blocked and a person ends up with a chronic mesenteric insufficiency. That person will suffer from angina like pain in the stomach after eating quite often.

Gastric cancer is probably the most troublesome cause of stomach pain after eating. A person will need to undergo an endoscopy in order for this to be confirmed.

Gallstones and acid reflux are also some of the more serious causes of stomach ache after eating as well.

Whenever a person experiences stomach pain after eating, he or she should go and talk to a doctor in order to know the real cause.

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