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The Importance of Visualization

Since we were small children, we haverelied heavily upon visualizing things and using our imagination forplanning or creating. Namely, what were once castles eventhough made of cardboard, today are plans for future investments.Also, what was once a mighty sword or a magic wand in your hand, eventhough you were holding a stick, is now looking yourself in themirror, seeing a successful man.

Either way, we have never stoppedvisualizing things. We have only changed the purposes. However, aschildren, we were more prone to letting our imagination go wild thanwe are as adults. Perhaps we are faced with more problems in our adultlife than we used to be as children. Regardless, we can benefit fromvisualization, no matter what we are doing and how old we are. Justas we indulged in imagining things when we were children, we canimagine things which can lead us to progress now.

Also, stress being one of the majorenemies of working people nowadays, we need to know how to usevisualization in order to protect ourselves from the harmfulinfluence of this negative state of mind.

The following tips will help you get tothe basics of successful visualization. Be patient and you willnotice all the benefits this skill can have on your everyday life.

How To Indulge into Visualization

Find a calm corner and relax.Pick a single object located somewhere in the room and focus solelyupon it. Scan it for details as much as you can, trying to rememberthe shape, the contours, colors and all other aspects of this object.

Once you have done this, close youreyes and try to recall the object by presenting it in your mind. Tryand think about things you failed to memorize, recalling them ifpossible. While occupied by this exercise, you will realize that you are not stressed-out, which can only be a good thing. Whatis more, there is a high likelihood that you were entertained by theexercise.

After doing the previous exercise,erase the object from your mind. Then, start depicting another one,again with as much detail as you can, without previously looking atit. Once this is done, open your eyes, find the actual object andcompare your visualization with it.

If this exercise made you more relaxed,you can try imagining some objects from your past, involving youholding them, again paying attention to the details and thesurroundings, as well as feelings involved in the process. This willmake you start thinking about your feelings and will help you analyzethem better, dealing with stress in the process.

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