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There are few techniques that allow individuals who suffer from panic attacks to relax and reduce enormous fear that they experience during these attacks. In this article, we will reveal what those techniques are and how you can perform them.

About panic attacks

During occurrence of panic attacks, sufferer experiences great fear without any obvious reason. Panic attacks cause strong bodily sensations as a reaction to fear. In those cases, individuals think that they are going to dye, have a heart attack or even lose their mind. When something like this is repeating, a person loses hope and feels like there is no way out. Panic attacks can repeat often in one individual and that condition is called panic disorder, which is actually one type of anxiety disorders. Attack can last for about 10 minutes and sometimes even more. They cause shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and tremor. Experiencing fear like this often can lead to negative anticipations and cause anxiety to arise. If this is happening to you, there is no reason to despair because there are ways to reduce your anxiety and stop panic attacks, so that you could enjoy your life again.

Relaxation Techniques For Panic Attacks

Relaxation techniques for anxiety that can help in fighting against panic attacks are deep breathing, visualization, yoga, meditation, hypnosis and Tai chi. When it comes to deep breathing, it has to be practiced on a daily basis. Lie down, either on your back or stomach, place your arms beside your body and your legs have to be straight. With your eyes closed, breathe in and out deeply until you count to 20. While doing this, you can also relax your muscles by tensing and relaxing them gradually from your toes. Each muscle should be tensed for 5 seconds and after that relaxed for 30 seconds.

Autogenic relaxation uses visualization for coping with anxiety. Here, you should find words that are relaxing and repeat them frequently, or find a place where you felt best and imagine it every time you wish to relax. Breathing is also very important here. Yoga is good for reducing distress but it is also very efficient in building your muscles. The best thing to do is to go on yoga classes, because by doing it all by yourself, you could do it wrong and cause some injuries.

How to treat panic attacks?

Anxiety disorders are effectively treated by drugs, psychotherapy and techniques mentioned above. Cognitive behavioral therapy usually gives the best results along with exposure therapy. All these therapies can be combined with relaxation techniques and will quickly help you to put an end to your sufferings.

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