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The Dangerous Nature of Stress

Stress is all around us. It affects us at work, at home and in every other aspect of our life. Thus, we need to keep its levels under control since, if we submit to the stress levels we are facing, we may start suffering from many health complications which go hand-in-hand with this condition. Stress is known to trigger insomnia, cardiovascular problems, digestive issues etc. Therefore, we need to rise above it and learn good stress relief techniques.

Speaking of stress control, meditation has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of managing this unhealthy state of body and mind. Basically, all you need to do is to learn how to meditate effectively and to practice this skill on a daily basis, keeping stress and daily frustration at bay.

Meditation vs Stress

The first thing you need for a successful meditation session is a nice, comfortable and peaceful spot. Also, make sure you are wearing something comfortable too. Cell phones, TVs and other noise-making items should be out of your reach so that they cannot bother you during your relaxation process.

Once these factors have all been taken care of, assume the lotus position, which involves you holding your back straight, your hands resting on your legs, which are bent, with heels under the thighs. If you are not sure how straight you back should be, lean on a wall completely and practice keeping this ideal position while sitting.

After you have managed sitting in this manner, relax. Close your eyes and enjoy the silence. Then, starting with the muscles on your feet, relax them, moving gradually up, all the way to your head. During this process, you should be able to feel the stress leaving your body, feeling the relaxation taking place.

At first, you might find it hard to concentrate. However, keep breathing deeply and evenly, focusing on this process, shutting down all of the worrying voices in your head. Feel the air getting into your lungs, leaving them afterwards.

Practice this for about 20 minutes daily and you will notice the positive changes in your behavior. If you want, you can do this several times a day, since each session is known to compensate for 4 hours of sleep.

Once you master these skills, you may improve your meditation further. Place an object in front of you. This may be a cup, a candle or just about anything. Concentrate on its details, taking every aspect of the object into consideration. Focus upon the tiniest details. You might use a specific world or a sound in order to help you during this process. A simple “ohmmmmmm” might do.

Later on, you will be capable of imagining your happy place to the finest details and seek refuge in it during your meditation sessions. Furthermore, you may involve tai-chi, yoga or other relaxation techniques for anxiety and relaxation skills into the process.

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