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A Brief Introduction

Whilethe physical side of weight gain and muscle development appears tobe the focus of the process, the mental side of it is, unseemingly,but also equally so, just as important. This is an aspect whichis commonly neglected and overlooked, and that very fact is also whythe aim of this article is to inform on the topic.


Visualizationis a more powerful technique than it should seem. Namely,visualization may have such an impact on a person's life that a merecase of seemingly "idledaydreaming" maybe used as one of the key instruments to critical life changes. Andyes, gaining weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, could mostdefinitely be one of those.

Here's how it works... When a person forms a mental image of oneself,that is different from the reality, the image is seamlesslytransferred to the Freudian subconscious mind. By doing that, aperson has basically reprogrammed his subconscious to work towardsthe goal which, in this case, may well include more muscle mass. Theconscious mind then responds in such a way that it is to work towardsthe wishes of the subconscious, and starts acting accordingly. This,in turn, triggers consciously made changes to the person's eatinghabits as well as lifestyle changes, which in its own right changesthe person's metabolism.

It is important that while "seamlessly programming thesubconscious", a person should avoid thinking of negative traitsthat may not be stokes of impression on the desired mentalimage.

This is to say that by merely imagining a different image of oneself,someone is not only fully equipped to make the first few criticalsteps towards the desired effect, but has also managed to find fuelenough for the entire journey.

Simply put, this is why a neat visualization may well lead to betterresults.


Relaxation is another important factor. What relaxation does is, ittunes down the outside world and allows the person to pay moreattention to the inner self during the course. The best time toindulge is in the early morning or alternatively late at night, justbefore sleep.

Two sessions of relaxation may be performed during a day's course(Primary: in the afternoon; Secondary: in the evening, before sleep),even though any single one of the two ought to suffice.

It is said that a twenty minute relaxation session is as rejuvenatingas two hours of deep sleep, provided that the person is not disturbedduring the session. A waking session is preferred to one insemi-sleep, since it is necessary to tap into the subconscious.That's why a sitting position is preferred.

When the session has started, the person is to exhale as much air asit is comfortable via the mouth, and breathe in just as much throughthe nose just after. The inhaling is to last for roughly ten seconds,as is the exhaling.

It is during this period the tapping into the subconscious is mosteffective, and is why full out visualization is to be practicedduring the course.

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