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Do you think that maternity clothes are an integral part of pregnancy? Have you been shopping around for maternity clothes and are you amazed at the seemingly excessive prices? Do you feel bad about spending that much money on a wardrobe you are only going to wear for about six months at most? Furthermore, are you disappointed by the horrible "styles" that are on offer for pregnant women? Don't worry there are ways to save money on maternity clothes, and to still look wonderful with a baby bump! How do you do it? Well, my secret is simple and straight forward: Do not buy any maternity clothes at all!

That's right! If you are wondering what you are going to fit into while you are pregnant if you are not wearing any maternity clothes, stop right there. I will explain it to you. Regardless of your shape and size, there are always plenty of non-maternity options that will keep you comfortable and stylish while you are pregnant, and even after that. If you are interested in spending your money on clothes that can last you well beyond your nine months, here are some great non-maternity clothes that are great for pregnancy too.

1) Low-rise jeans or pants. These can sit right underneath your baby bump, and will fit like a dream throughout your pregnancy, in the same size that you were before you conceived.

2) The key part to being able to wear low-rise pants is to combine them with tunic-like tops, or short dresses. Of course, you will not be able to wear regular t-shirts without looking extremely strange. But tunics or short dresses will cover your bump and will look extremely cute. You might need them a size or two bigger than your regular size, to be able to fit over your bump.

3) Colorful belly-bands enable you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes for just a bit longer. And they are extremely cute, as well.

4) A-line dresses are always a great, practical option for pregnancy.

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