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Maternity clothes are something that moms to be on a budget and fashionist mamas alike are not great fans of! Clothes that are especially designed for pregnant women are often frumpy and anything but fashionable. You can only wear them for a few months about eight months at best and they are much more expensive than regular clothes, as a rule. Sure, pregnant celebrities, who don't have to think about their bank accounts, tend to look wonderful while they are expecting. For the rest of us, it is no surprise when we find ourselves hoping that there is a way to keep wearing our own, pre-pregnancy clothes. Thankfully, there is indeed a way to make that happen!

Waist extenders are nifty little inventions that work with your existing pants, jeans or skirts and allow you to still close them up, even as your uterus grows. They keep you out of that dreaded maternity wear wardrobe for at least a couple of months. If you are anything like me, and you don't put on a lot of weight or develop a large baby bump in pregnancy, you might just be able to use waist extenders to keep out of maternity clothes for the duration of your pregnancy! Waist extenders for pregnant women come in various sizes and shapes. Some are very modest and cheap, and simple offer a way to make sure that your pants stay up. Others are more fancy, and look fashionable. They are most often made of stretchy materials like lycra. So, what do these waist extenders look like?

Well, in my opinion, not very lady-like. While they do make sure that your outfit remains in place, I personally would not suggest displaying them for the whole world to see. They are best covered by a long t-shirt, tunic or shirt. If you want, you can even use a short dress instead. If you want to save money on maternity clothes, dresses make a great substitute for maternity tops as your uterus increases in size!

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