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Training for a 10k run


We will focus on a 10 km race and how much training will be required before the race. There is a chance a person, who is in good shape, runs the whole 10 kilometers. But the chances are that most of us wouldn't be able to finish the whole race. Training has to be performed before the race, so we will give you a plan of exercises you have to follow. This plan lasts for eight weeks, but bear in mind that health is an important issue, so do not do this if you have some health problems. Always discuss about these kinds of issues with your doctor. For some people start of the training can be a bit difficult, which is why, instead of running, you can walk during the first week of the plan.

The plan

We will talk about the parts of the plan in which you will have to exercise and work out. The first part we will mention is running workout. Running is very good, so you should just run, and not stress yourself with the time or other similar things. The most important thing in running is the distance and it only matters if you have covered the needed distance. It does not matter which pace you are using or how fast you were going. Just try to run in a manner that suits you. Running has to be done on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on Sundays, when the running should be a bit longer.

Next is the strength and stretch training. Monday is a rest day, but some stretching and strength exercises have to be done on Monday. Before every workout, you will have to perform stretching. Strength exercises should be performed twice a week and they should consist of pull-ups, push-ups, exercising on a machine or a free weight lifting. We recommend doing more repetitions with lighter weights. Cross training involves walking, cycling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, swimming or similar exercises, but choose the exercises and intensity you feel most comfortable with. Do cross-country on easy days.

Rest is very important in order to rest the muscles for following exercises. Friday is the rest day. We have mentioned that running on Sundays will have to be longer and intensified. We have chosen Sunday, because this day we have enough free time. We repeat, just cover the needed distance, and do not think about anything else. When you are tired, try doing walking exercises, because they are very good. We have given you our plan, but think of it as a guide. It is important that you use your own plan, the plan that suits you best.

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