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There are the many different types of marathons to take part in, from one mile races to well over one hundred kilometers. However the most well-liked is the six point two miles which is ten kilometers. To be able to take part in any of the races you need to have a positive mental attitude and a good, sound structure to your work out regime. By using a treadmill you can use a mixture of your outdoor training coupled with your indoor training.The Benefits of Using a Treadmill to Train for a Marathon

If you choose to use a treadmill in combination with your other training methods then you will obviously not have to miss out on exercise when the weather turns bad. If you work full time and just haven’t got any spare time to go out for a run then it’s much more convenient to hop on the treadmill at home. Another great benefit of using a treadmill is being able to keep an eye on your exact speed you are going at and also how much distance you’re covering. A health benefit of training on a treadmill in combination with outdoor training is the fact that your joints will not succumb to the hard concrete that has the capability of causing injuries to the knees and ankles. This is especially important when you are at the beginning of your training program so you can allow your body get used to the feel on the concussion. The Different Types of Training

You should use a combination of the different types of runs to get ready for your race. The first one is the basic run which is as it says, basic. You should be able to hold a conversation whilst doing this type. The second is the fast run which needs to be executed at a slightly slower pace than which you will be doing on the race day. The third type is the long run, for this one you need to be looking at doing a minimum of five miles and a maximum of ten miles at an average pace. The fourth and final type of run is the speed drill which is when you combine the fast and slow speed.The Required Strategy Needed for Training

Your start off fitness level will determine how much of the recommended exercise hours and intensity you start with. If you are beginning and relatively unfit then obviously start slow and combine walking with the running.

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