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The half marathon is actually the distance of 21 kilometres and it is very hard to sustain such an effort. In order to deal with those hours of running, one must improve his or hers endurance, as well as the mental and the physical strength. So, there is the plan for the practice which has shown to be very effective for preparing for such a challenge and it lasts for the period of the eight weeks. The description of the 3 types of training

This type of training, if the beginners are concerned, consists of the running every second day in a week, and of resting periods, combined with the speed running during the other days of the week. All of the sessions should last for one half an hour, or shorter when the speed training is practiced. Of course, this routine should be repeated every 7 days.

Besides the speed running, there must be also some other different running sessions, such as: the tempo run (which successfully improves the speed, but practically, without losing too much energy at once), race (the type of the training session which includes the other runners, that way the competitive spirit is encouraged and the awareness of the abilities of oneself is risen), the training for the long run (increases the physical and mental endurance and stamina), the sessions called the speed work (which are intended to be done in the intervals, by running shorter distances at a faster pace), and, of course the easy running for resting, and toning the muscles at the same time.

However, the training program differs in the cases of the beginners, the intermediate and the advanced runners, of course. It mostly varies when the lasting of the periods of running are concerned, and depends on which types of the previously mentioned running are included. So, the best schedule for the beginners is already described, but, when it comes to the intermediate runners, instead of the cross training, the combination of the periods of the speed work and the tempo run is introduced. Also the pace race should be introduced in the place of the tempo runs on Saturdays.

However, in the case of the experienced and advanced runners, the resting day is excluded from the training program and substituted with the sessions of the easy running. The day for the easy running in the schedule for the intermediates is substituted with the intensive work on speed on the tracks of 8 and 16 hundred meters. Anyway, the easy run is rescheduled for Wednesdays, and the tempo running and the pace race, for Fridays and Saturdays.

In all the cases, the long run sessions should be practiced on Sundays, but, the advanced and intermediate runners must alternate it with the races.

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