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Feverish and coldish

Blisters that occur as a direct consequence of fever come in the form of cold sores that are induced by an infection. The blisters in question actually present a variety of herpes and as such, they have a tendency to be quite unpleasant. As far as their appearance is concerned, the blisters in question are distinguished for their red color and for appearing in different areas of the person's mouth. To make the matter even more serious and worse, they have the tendency to appear on the outside of the mouth, as well as on the inside (e.g. on the person's gums). Blisters as such have been reported to cause quite an itch, to be quite a sore spot, as well as that they are potentially quite easily irritated. As an accompanying occurrence there is a fairly unpleasant pain, followed by a feeling of utmost discomfort. Furthermore, known to make them far worse are such actions as eating, particularly the more spicy food varieties.


In terms of categorization, the blisters in question belong to the category of herpes simplex virus – type 1, to be more precise. Condition as such is regarded as highly contagious in nature and can be further fairly easily transmitted to other people that the infected person comes in touch with. Of course, the highly contagious nature represents by far the most important grounds for straightforward and immediate medical intervention, for even the slightest contact with the infected person (via skin contact) can mark the onset of another case of infection.


Unfortunately, and to the dismay of many as it may be imagined, the condition in question has no definite cure. Thus, the most effective and best possible means to treat it is by turning to medications. In addition to them, quite familiar are also numerous home remedies that are frequently employed for the purpose of treating fever blisters too. Another extremely important factor a person should always regard as important is prevention. This means that a person, being already affected, needs to take all the precautionary measures needed for the infection not to spread to the people found in the person's immediate environment, at least by the time the infection has been treated and brought under proper control.

As far as medications are concerned, important fact about them is that their effect extends only so far as to enable the person to free him/herself from the existing symptoms. For a more concrete treatment, one can turn to various home remedies that encompass a number of herbs and herbal ingredients, as well as require from a person to ingest greater quantities of specific nutrients. 

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