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Another name for the fever blisters is cold sores. The main cause of this condition is herpes simplexvirus, actually herpes zoster virus. There are two types of this virus, herpes zostervirus type 1 and herpes zoster virus type 2. In the majority of cases, oralherpes or cold sores are caused due to herpes simplex type 1, while genitalherpes occurs due to herpes zoster virus type 2. However, it is not a rule.

Fever blisters are highly contagious and can beeasily spread from person to person. Therefore, it is very important to avoidkissing during this condition. On the other side, canker sores are notcontagious and are marked by the occurrence of blisters inside the mouth. Unlike fever blisters that are caused by a virus, the canker sores are caused bybacteria.

Causes and symptoms of fever blisters

As already mentioned above, the herpes zoster virusis responsible for the outbreak of fever blisters or cold sores. The majority ofpeople have the herpes simplex virus in the end of the nerve cells of the face.The virus stays dormant until it is activated by some factors, such as stress,sunlight exposure, infection and weak immune system, as well as allergy and cold.It may happen that this virus stays inactive during the whole life. Oral herpes or mouth sores usually occurs on thelips, around the mouth, in the gums or inside the mouth. When fever blistersemerge, they are usually accompanied by fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, weakness and body ache.

Home remedies for fever blisters

There are several things that we can do at home tocure this condition very fast. It is highly recommended to apply ice packs on thefever blisters for about ten minutes every hour. Furthermore, tea bags can bealso very effective since every tea contains tannic acid, which has an antiviralproperty. Aloe Vera, as well as honey, should also be directlyapplied to the fever blisters, since they are very powerful in healing the coldsores very fast due to the antiviral features they have. Since the immune system is weak, it is essential tomake it strong by consuming a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B12 and lysine. Garlic isalso very helpful when fever blisters are in question. The people who suffer from fever blisters should noteat foods rich in acids, such as oranges and tomatoes.

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