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Fever blisters

There are not that many people who do not know what fever blisters are. Fever blisters are also known as cold sores and there are a lot of people who are affected by them.

Apart from not being a pretty sight, fever blisters are also known to cause a lot of pain when people eat, talk or laugh. However, people should know that there are a lot of ways they can treat fever blisters when they occur. People should also be aware of the fact that the blisters will go away on their own within a week in most cases.

The cause of fever blisters

It is important to know that fever blisters are caused by a certain virus called herpes simplex virus 1 or HSV-1. This virus is highly contagious and people need to be extra careful when they are around someone who is already infected. People should know that in some cases when a person is infected he or she will never experience an outbreak of blisters. However, these situations are rare and people should learn as much as they can about the treatment of cold sores. Getting rid of fever blisters

People should know that the most common places where fever blisters occur are the mouth, lips and the face. Due to this fact, it is important that they are treated as soon as they appear. Along with bad appearance, pain and itchiness are usually present. First of all, people should know that they should not apply makeup over the blisters in order to conceal them because that will only make the situation worse. Even though most people are embarrassed when the blisters occur, they should know that the problem is a common one and a lot of people suffer from it.

Even though the blisters will heal on their own within a period of two weeks, people should treat them in order to speed the process. A lot of people prefer using over-the-counter medication to relieve the symptoms because they are quite effective. Some people prefer covering the affected area with petroleum jelly. This is a good remedy because petroleum jelly will both protect the area from further infection and speed the process of healing. During the time a person has fever blisters, he or she should avoid eating spicy and salty foods in order not to cause any further problems. Apart from the home remedies, people should know that there are a lot of natural remedies like aloe vera and tea tree oil, for instance.

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