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Fever blisters are very unpleasant and painful. They are blisters or lesions that can be formed in areas around the mouth and the lip. Cause of it is virus herpes simplex (HSV), which can mostly be found in central nervous system. It can be triggered by lowered immune system or stress. After a few days, blisters starts to leak transparent fluid, and later turn into scabs.

Do not mix these blisters with impetigo, only because they look alike and form in the same places around lip and a mouth. Impetigo blisters leak fluids which is of a different color (cloudy and honey colored).

HSV virus is contagious, and you can contract it through physical contact, or by sharing the same personal belongings with infected person (toothbrush, towels, etc.). The affected areas produce fluid when scratched, and tend to be burning and red. Sometimes HSV virus can lay dormant in your body for some time, and once triggered, it can lead to very strong symptoms and appearance of fever blisters.

There is no exact cure for fever blisters and cold sores at the present. There are some medications which can diminish and relieve your symptoms, reducing the severity and occurrence, but that is about it.

There are several causes than can produce appearance of fever blisters. Usually, they are periods right after colds, stress, menstrual periods, prolonged sun exposure, or for no reason at all. Doctors believe that compromised or weakened immune system is somewhat responsible for his outbreaks, too.

There is also some other theories about pre conditions for HSV virus outbreak, which produces fever blisters and cold sores, and it is a diet of individual. Any serious deficiency in some minerals, vitamins or supplements, can be the cause of the outbreak. One of suspected deficiency is one of vitamin B12.

Other thing to consider, regarding your diet, is balanced ratio between amino acids and lysine. These amino acids are very important in regulating the possible outbreak of this virus. You should avoid the grains, peas, nuts and too much chocolate in your daily diet, because these foods are rich in arginine, amino acid that helps virus outbreaks.

You should also take enough quantities of vitamins C and E, and drink plenty of yoghurt. For your immune system, you should try Echinacea or goldenseal. There is also some homeopathic remedies that you can try, like Nat mur or cuttlefish ink.

There are a few things that you can do by yourself, in order to prevent future virus outbreaks. One of them is to avoid overexposure to the sun; other is to avoid physical contacts with infected person. You should avoid using other person’s belongings like towels and toothbrushes, and avoid any amount of stress, if possible. If not, you should try with some relaxation type exercises.

If you take all of those preventions, you will be able to prevent future outbreaks of HSV virus, and blisters or cold sores, too.

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