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Fever blisters

There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from fever blisters and they are considered to be a pretty common health problem. Fever blisters are also known as cold sores. A person who suffered from fever blisters knows that they cause a lot of pain when people are talking, eating or even laughing. The most common places where cold sores appear are the lips and the area around the mouth. In rare cases they occur in the throat or inside the nose. The main cause of cold sores is a certain virus called herpes simplex virus 1 or HSV-1. People need to know that there is no cure for the virus and a person who gets infected will have it for the rest of his or her life. The virus is also highly contagious and that is why people need to be very careful when they are near people who are already affected by it. According to the experts, fever blisters usually last for ten day. In rare cases they can even last for 20 but people need to know that with some simple remedies they can significantly speed to process of healing. Apart from medications, there are a lot of available home remedies that most people prefer to use when they suffer from an outbreak of cold sores. Remedies for fever blisters

The first thing that people can do when the blisters occur is to apply either cold or warm compress to the area. Apart from easing the pain that the blisters cause, the compresses will also reduce swelling which is pretty usual when fever blisters are considered. A person should hold the compress for about five minutes.

Cleansing the area that is affected by cold sores twice per day is another good remedy for cold sores. By cleansing a person will reduce the chance of further spreading of the infection. It is important that people do not squeeze or pick the blisters.

Petroleum jelly is an excellent remedy for fever blisters. Apart from being highly effective it is not expensive either. In order to use it, a person should use a cotton swab in order to apply the jelly to the affected area. Petroleum jelly is an excellent protection against further infections.

People who often experience outbreaks need to avoid or at least limit the consumption of certain foods like chocolate, pea, grain cereals, peanuts, cola and beer. The main reason why that is so, is because these foods contain arginine.

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