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Calisthenics workout routine

It is very important to choose a proper workout routine, because that might be the main reason for success or for a failure when it comes to creating a strong and fit body. Also, it is essential to decide what kind of body is wanted, just a fit body with lean muscles, or a strong, bulked up organism.

Types of workout

There are two major types of workout, based on the use of oxygen. Those are cardio exercises, which are usually performed slowly (slowly from the aspect of metabolism) and muscle building forms (which are all about increasing muscle mass). In the first type, there is enough time to use oxygen we breathe in the process of creating the energy needed for the exercise that is performed. But in the second type, the muscle contraction is done so fast, that there is simply no time to use the oxygen, so those exercises are called anaerobic. Lactic acid is building up during this process and that acid is causing tiredness in the muscle preventing it from working indefinitely.

There is another way to divide workout routines. It is based on the use of additional weight in physical activity. Workout without any additional weight and with just using the weight of the body is called calisthenics. Calisthenics workout routine is especially interesting for those who cannot or simply won't go to a gym. Still, great results can be reached with calisthenics workout routine, especially if a good exercising schedule is made. It must include a lot of pushups, since it is an exercise that activates a lot of muscle groups in the organism. Beside pushups, there are squats, crouches, sit ups, and even pull ups can be considered as calisthenics. Pushups are excellent for building muscle mass, at least up to a certain point. When exercising, it is very important to warm up properly, while stretching is needed before and after the training session. 

Additional help

Calisthenics workout routine is just one of the things that have to be done in order for a person to create a perfect, or at least near perfect body. Also, there is help that is acquired through the use of supplements, such as fat burners, weight gainers, strength boosters etc. And also, before starting with any workout routine and diet, it might be for the best to visit a medical expert to determine if the body is even capable of sustaining that much physical strain.

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