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Blackheads are the type of acne which, as their name already says, have the black tip on the surface and they are medically called the open comedones (the closed ones are the pimples). That tip is black because the sebum, which is the contents of the acne, got into the contact with the oxygen.

This type of acne usually fills the pores of the area of the nose and cheeks and the hair follicles and, unfortunately, isn’t just simply the consequence of the poor facial hygiene, but practically everyone can be affected by them. And it is very hard to remove them and almost impossible to prevent them from reappearing.How to treat them?

So, the blackheads can be pressed out, like the regular pimples, but, since they are the open type of acne, the opened pore tends to be filled with dirt over and over (logically), thus causing the recurrence of these annoying formations. Also, the nose is the most exposed to the particles of dirt, and, besides the cheeks and forehead, it is likely to be the most oiled area of the skin.

The best way to deal with them is to actually deal with their trigger, and that is the increased functioning of the glands that secrete the sebum (a fatty lubricant), which leads to the blockage of the pores. And, of course, it is necessary to know the exact cause of this disorder, and the most common provokers are of the hormonal nature, but they may be the dehydration, the lack of the proper hygiene and the beneficial nutrients, or some inadequate cosmetics, as well. So, the first thing to do is to substitute those harmful habits with the healthy lifestyle, thus attacking the blackheads from the inside.

After that, they should be attacked by outside, that is, by the topical use of the natural remedies. But even before that, it is recommendable to carefully press them out, so that they don’t become infected. First of all, the area must be washed thoroughly with a scrub cleanser which mustn’t irritate the skin (for example with any product which contains the benzoyl peroxide).

Having it done, it is recommendable to open the pores for the five minutes by the use of the inhaler made of the boiled water and a little bit of the tea tree oil (because it is rich in the antiseptic substances).

After that, the next thing to do is to really extract the contents from the pores. It can be done with the use of various cosmetic products, such as those with certain strips (should be used as the depilatory accessories), by a exfoliating scrub or with the use of the special extractor which has the hole that sucks up the pore contents. And, finally, the facial skin should be washed again, and this treatment should be performed after every three or four days.

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