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The Woes of Modern Life

Life today has changed completely, if we are to compare it with life several hundred years ago. Today, in the world of technological advancements, countless new interests, affinities and jobs, we find it hard to organize our lifestyles so that nothing can alter our everyday routine. Rather, we are faced with numerous problems which can take place at all times, being forced to meet impossible deadlines at work, coming home in time to see our families and sleeping enough to manage living through another day with 100% of our capabilities.

Sometimes, during this mindless rush called the daily grind, we get overwhelmed by our obligations and seem to have troubles coping with our life problems. Then, stress comes into the picture, making us feel miserable and confused, preventing us from being creative and productive. Many people deal with stress by taking pills which alter their mind, bomb it with various chemicals and trigger many different side-effects.

However, this is not the best possible way of dealing with stress. Rather, since stress comes from within you, you need to look inside and deal with it. Thus, relaxation techniques for anxiety such as yoga, meditation and other holistic ways of stress-relief are much more useful and effective.

Speaking of meditation, it has been around for ages, providing people skills which help them understand their problems, deal with them and achieve a state of revitalizing relaxation.

Meditation and the Change It Brings

For an excellent start, all you have to do is to dedicate 20 minutes of your time to sitting as comfortably as possible, with your spine straight and your arms resting in your lap. Then, close your eyes, breathe in through the nostrils, make a small pause and breathe out slowly, but with more airflow sounds than during inhalation. Pay attention to the small pause you make between your breaths. During this time, you may be the closest to your self-enlightenment.

At first, you will have troubles quieting all the different voices in your head. However, you need to be persistent and concentrate on your relaxed breathing, listening to it and feeling the whole process to the tiniest details. Once you continue to breathe and focus your attention to the process, in time, all the voices will become less loud. Gradually, you will shut these out completely, sinking into the relaxing sphere of tranquility and self-relaxation. This technique is called breath witnessing.

Also, you might want to use mantras, which are words or phrases, uttered during meditation, either in your mind or physically allowing you to focus on the process. Prayers, proverbs, words of wisdom and many other utterances may work, as long as they make you feel good. Thus, stop taking medications, start listening to your body, helping it yourself.

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