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Every day people have to deal with stress. Stress is a major contributor to many illnesses and imbalances in the body. Detrimental effects of stress are even more severe in case of a prolonged state of such agitation. Meditation is a unique technique that affects the body in exactly the opposite way. It reduces all the negative effects of stress, restores the ability of the mind to stay calm, helps the body to regenerate and repair itself and prevents further damage caused by physical effects of stress.

Meditation is one of several principles of yoga. It represents an amazing tool with which one can achieve mental clarity and health.

Benefits of Meditation

Many studies and researches have shown that meditation may contribute to a person's psychological as well as physiological well-being. All the positive effects actually occur once the individual learns how to achieve a special level of consciousness that promotes the healing state. There are many health benefits of meditation and they can be easily divided into three groups: physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits.

What Are Physiological Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation leads to deep rest. In such state the metabolic rate and heart rate reduce. What is more, work load of the heart reduces as well. All of the mentioned has positive effects on the entire body. Meditation is additionally associated with reduction in level of cortisol and lactate. These two chemicals are connected to stress and if they are lowered the negative effects in the body reduce as well. Reduction in heart rate is accompanied by better control of blood pressure. People who are regularly engaged in meditating have higher skin resistance and better cope with free radicals. Even though it has not been fully confirmed meditation may be efficient in reduction of cholesterol levels. What is definitive is that it improves the flow of air to the lungs and may partially slow the process of aging down.

What Are Psychological Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation has many positive psychological effects. Some of them are increased brain wave coherence, increase in creativity and reduction of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, meditation may decrease irritability and bring frequent mood changes under control. People who meditate may significantly improve their learning abilities and memory, they may feel happier and develop emotional stability. Increased vitality and rejuvenation are two more positive effects of meditation.

What Are Spiritual Benefits of Meditation?

It is amazing how meditation can boost personal and spiritual growth and development. Self-awareness and self-acceptance are only two goals. After a certain period of time and once the individual gets deeper into the essence of meditation he/she is drawn more and more into the realm of the 'spiritual'.

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