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Meditation Over Medications

A vast majority of people believes in traditional medicine rather than in any alternative approaches, and would rather take a pill than try to concentrate and give an effort when it comes to dealing with emotions. Nevertheless, meditation, although resting in the area of alternative treatments people usually do not believe in, has proven itself to be highly effective and quick when it comes to overcoming any states of emotional imbalance or recovery. What is more, meditation does not have any side-effects, in contrary to antidepressants and similar medications. Moreover, while medications tend to suppress all negative emotions, meditation helps one express him or her feelings and analyze all emotional aspects of them, making this approach closer to group therapy. For these, and for many other reasons yet to be mentioned, meditation deserves to be given a chance since it truly can help.

Emotional Healing Through Meditation

First of all, the hardest part involves recognition of the suppressed emotions. People usually keep feelings caused by traumatic experiences somewhere deep inside of their mind, refusing to confront them. Rather, we choose to run away through alcohol, drugs, depression, desperation, and many other dead ends, only to find despair. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with all of your emotions in order to establish an emotional balance proper for your happiness and well-being.

How to Meditate Effectively

You can start by lying down in a position most comfortable to you. It is very important to feel as good as you can, since perfect relaxation and comfort are a must in order for you to be ready. Bear in mind that negative experiences you encountered are nothing to be afraid of, and feel free to bring them back to your mind, analyze them and think about them.

Next, by being completely relaxed and by gently focusing on your chest and abdominal area, try to cope with the negative emotions in the most positive way you can. Try to act kind and acceptable whenever you take these emotions into consideration.

At all times, one should pay special attention not to overdo it. Namely, relaxation should come gradually, along with everything else regarding meditation. Therefore, do not push yourself, but rather let yourself free and open to experiences.

Once, you have acknowledged your negative emotions and analyzed them with kindness and good will, you may face and accept them, no matter how negative and traumatic they are. Pain and crying are also to be accepted once they appear, since they are only a sign of your acceptance. Some negative emotions simply have to make you feel pain and to cry. Accept them and set them free.

To conclude, whenever you feel like it, you can indulge in this type of meditation. However, you should not force yourself to it when you are not in the mood. It may last from 5 minutes to half an hour, or even longer if you wish.

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