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A Word or Two on Yoga

Indiais the birth place of Yoga. It cannot be stressed enough that proper yogainvolves more than just physical exercise. Yoga is more of alife-science, than it is a branch of workouts. This is why a seriousyogi adopts it as a lifestyle, and lives in accordance with it everywaking (and sleeping) moment of his or her life.

Thisis really the only way to achieve the full range and potential of the benefits of yoga. These may even include prolonged life.

Andthis was just a word of fair warning to the many who underestimatewhat yoga really is, and considered it merely a form of gymnasticsfrom Asia.

Yoga Clothes in India

Curiouslyenough, in India – the land of yoga, there is no such thing asyoga-specific clothes. Instead it is practiced in a wide variety ofclothes.

Thereis popular rumor that some people in India like practicing yoga inthe nude. However compelling this may sounds to some, it is nothingbut a rumor. One of the most obvious reasons behind it being untrueis that practicing yoga in the nude would result in an arrest inIndia.

SomeHindu practice yoga in attire known as "langot", which is asort of an equivalent to the American V-cut briefs (minus thestitches).

Apartfrom that, a common piece for yoga practice would be dhoits. They resemble an unstitched cloth wrapper around a yogi's waist. It mayfall as deep as to the knees or even the ankles according topreference. A vest may or may not be worn, also by preference.

Theladies wear loose pants and loose tops. The pants are held up bydrawstring.

T-shirts,shorts and tracksuits are a common sight in yoga groups in urbanIndia.

General Advice onShopping for Yoga-Clothes in the West World

Yogaclothes should be loose fitting. They should be smooth enough to flowwith the body as it moves. It is also a must that they should be asnatural as possible, which makes shopping for cotton somewhat apriority.

Gentsshould most likely go for t-shirts with loose fitting necks and shortsleeves, tank tops, shorts, loose pants held by drawstrings, and such.It is an important point that the tops shouldn't be too loose, thatthey shouldn't hinder movement.

Ladiesmay consider bras, tank tops or tees, shorts, capris drawstring pantsor even skirts.

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