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Yerba mate side effects

Information on Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is actually a shrub and it is used quite often as a water pill. It is very popular because of its potent antidepressant and stimulant properties. Yerba mate can also sometimes be associated with certain types of side effects. Mate needs to be pronounced as mahtay. Yerba mate comes from the family of aquifoloaceae and it originates from the subtropical region of South America which includes Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. Yerba mate shrub can grow up to 15 feet in height.

It is characterized by green leaves, small white flowers and little fruits that can grow up to 6 millimeters in diameter. Many people use yerba mate as a substitute and a healthy alternative to coffee and numerous other different types of caffeinated products. Yerba mate leaves need to be cured over an open fire so that they become more brittle and certain types of enzymes contained in them get deactivated as well. The smokey flavor which is often associated with yerba mate herbal tea actually comes from this process.

The leaves can also be par-blanched in boiling water. The leaves need to be toasted in a pan afterwards in order to make the beverage known as the brow-leaf tea. The entire South American population consumes yerba mate much more than tea or coffee.

Side Effects of Yerba Mate

Yerba mate comes in very handy when it comes to relieving fatigue and enhancing the process of weight loss by suppressing hunger. Yerba mate side effects may be associated with certain other medicaments and nutritional supplements such as asthma medications, anxiety medications, oral contraceptives, sleep medications, certain types of antibiotics, MAO inhibitors, bitter orange nutritional supplements, decongestant cold medicaments, migraine medicaments, oral hypoglycemics and insulin.

Yerba mate can cause damage to the liver when consumed in significant amounts. Yerba mate is known for its very potent antioxidant and anti-cancer properties, but in some cases it may also be affiliated with significant risks of cancer. It especially may contribute to the development of cancer in specific areas of the human body such as the upper intestinal tract, esophagus, throat and the mouth.

Yerba mate can also be the trigger of significant increases of the heart rate and blood pressure because it contains certain types of caffeine components. Those who take blood pressure medications should avoid consuming yerba mate. The same can be said for those who suffer from depression, ulcers, anxiety, kidney diseases, heart conditions and hypertension.

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