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Information on Australian Tea Tree Oil

Australian tea tree oil is slowly becoming more and more popular because it provides the human body with numerous health benefits. Australian tea tree oil is a completely different thing from the ordinary tea tree oil and they are both derived from completely different sources. Normal tea tree oil is derived from the seeds of the plant which is also normally used for the production of tea. Australian tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of a certain tree which is most commonly referred to as the narrow-leaved paperbark. Some people also refer to it as snow in summer or narrow leaved tea tree. So, there are no similarities between those two plants. The botanical name of the tree used for the production of Australian tea tree oil is melaleuca alternifolia. The leaves from this tree get processed so that the oil can be obtained. It commonly grows in swampy regions which are provided with plenty of water throughout the entire year. The plant originates from Australia, more precisely the region of the New South Wales which is located on the south eastern coast of Australia. The tree can also be found on in the northern parts of Australia. It comes from the genus of Melaleuca and it can be a tall shrub or a small tree. The leaves have a very strange appearance as they are linear and they are no longer than 35 millimeters. Their breadth is usually no more than one millimeter. The tree also bears white flowers whose diameter is commonly no more than 3 millimeters.

Health Benefits of Australian Tea Tree

Australian tea tree oil has been used for many centuries because of its important health benefits. The Australian tea tree oil has very powerful antiseptic, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It is commonly applied directly on the skin. It is a common ingredient in various body care products and cosmetics. Australian tea tree oil is commonly used in the production of different kinds of body care lotions, shampoos and body care creams. It is a potent natural remedy for acne. It can also be used for the prevention and treatment of dandruff, lice, thrush, yeast infections, boils, periodontal disease, eczema, vaginitis, psoriasis, athlete’s foot and many others.

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