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Yeast infection also known as Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by Candida species. The infection can lead to vaginitis in women, it can be a cause or oral candidiasis and it can also lead to gastrointestinal candidiasis. Candidiasis can also affect skin and the predilection places include the area under the breasts and nail beds. Basically, all the skin folds can be affected.

Some believe that the infection can be passed from the infected woman onto a man. Still this has not been proven completely yet.

The problem in majority of cases is that yeast infection is recurrent and tends to go back. If can be easily treated with certain creams, suppositories etc. However, there are certain remedies that can be used as well and infected person should pay more attention onto the immunity as the prevention basically lies in the strong and proper functioning of the immune system.

Natural Cure for Yeast Infection Plain YogurtYogurt is an excellent source of good bacteria that are normally present in gastrointestinal tract. In majority of people who are suffering from yeast infection gastrointestinal bacterial flora has been disturbed and the growth of fungi becomes consequently uncontrollable. But if one drinks plain yogurt on regular bases he/she will keep the bacterial flora balanced and prevent over-multiplication of fungi. It is of great importance that yogurt is not sweetened as carbohydrates help yeast in multiplication. The explanation is that yogurt is rich in all the bacteria that are necessary for adequate functioning of gastrointestinal tract. Garlic is an amazing warrior against all the infective agents including fungi. This sort of onion is used in certain remedies for vaginal candidiasis and the relief from the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis is rather quick. Garlic can be also used internally. It is an excellent booster of immunity system and the only problem is its specific and strong smell. This is why some people refuse to consume it and look for appropriate supplements and the form of garlic that can be easily ingested without having to taste it.

Apple-cider Vinegar

Even though this vinegar can be used internally and externally direct application of apple-cider vinegar onto the skin is not recommendable as it can lead to very intensive burning sensations. But one should know never to use plain, white vinegar as this kind of vinegar can actually help the yeast to grow. Plenty of water is in general good for whole of the body. Some even believe that plenty of water can actually reduce a possibility of getting yeast infection. The simple explanation can be that increased intake of water leads to better elimination of water and this way an excessive amounts of sugar can be eliminated as well. This way yeast will not be supplied with proper amount of food they need to multiply. Oregano oil is excellent in fighting against yeast infections.

Beneficial Bacterial Supplement

And finally, prebiotics and probiotics that are present in numerous products supply with the appropriate amount of good bacteria which will keep yeast under control.

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