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In the recent years there have been a growing number ofpeople who suffer from cancer, obesity and numerous other serious medicalconditions. All those people hope that certain alternative types of remediescan be of some help when it comes to relieving the symptoms of their medicalconditions. Wu-yi tea is one of those alternatives. It is a specific variety ofoolong herbal tea and it may be very efficient in aiding the process of weightloss and protecting the patient from a vast array of medical conditions andailments.

Wu-Yi Tea and Its Natural Health Benefits

Wu-yi tea is a certain type of oolong tea. It is derivedfrom the plant known by the name of camellia sinensis, and it is commonly grownand harvested in the Fujian Province which is a region located in the northwestChina. Wu-yi tea is an excellent source of different sorts of polyphenols andantioxidants which are very efficient when it comes to burning the fat depositsin the human body. The distinct process of drying and fermentation of the tealeaves is the main factor behind these important ingredients and healthbenefits. The scientists from all over the world have conducted certain studieswhich have shown that wu-yi tea actually is very beneficial and very efficient atwhat it is supposed to be doing. Polyphenol which is contained in abundance inthe wu-yi tea is very efficient in enhancing the lipolysis. Lipolysis is aprocess in which the fat deposits in the human body get broken down.

How Wu-Yi Tea is Grown and Harvested

The production of authentic wu-yi tea involves veryintricate growing and harvesting process which take quite a lot of time. Theseare the main reasons why this type of tea tends to be a little more expensivethan most other types of tea. The leaves need to be picked in the early morningsun and the process of drying needs to start right away. When the dryingprocess is over, the leaves needs to be shaken into baskets, and then laid outon woven mats so that they can cure properly. The third step of productioninvolves the process of fermentation. Once that is over the leaves need to berubbed and then carefully checked and sorted for quality. The wu-yi needs to beconsumed at least twice a day so that it could provide the consumer with allits incredible health benefits.

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