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There are many ways for preparing the oolong tea caffeine, each determines the amount of caffeine which it has, and the usual amount of caffeine is somewhere between 12 and 55mg. Drinking a cup of tea in the morning is a favorite way of starting the day for many people. The popularity of the tea in the world is huge and it is the second most popular drink in the word, right after the water. The camellia sinensis is the name used for the bush from which the leaves used for the preparation of this tea are acquired. There are many varieties of this tea, depending on the processing of the leaves, and one of these varieties is the oolong tea.

Caffeine Content

The technology used for the preparation of tea will determine the content of caffeine that tea has, but the fact remains that every tea has caffeine content. Coffee has a very high content of caffeine, unlike oolong tea, which has very low caffeine content. There is from 12-55mg caffeine in one cup of oolong tea, which approximately has 6 oz. When we compare this number to the number of the caffeine level of black tea, which goes from 60 to 180mg, we can see that oolong tea has very low level of caffeine. The preparation of the tea determines the amount of caffeine, and one of the most important parts of this process is the steeping process. This process occurs when the tea bag is placed in the boiling water and this process is responsible for the flavoring and the color. Also, the steeping time will affect the number of caffeine level, which means that the number will be higher if we steep the water more.


Many people think that caffeine should be avoided since it is not healthy for us, but this is not true. There will be no side effects of using caffeine in moderate amounts, just like it goes for any other thing in our lives. Danger can arise if something is used excessively. The needed amount of caffeine by our body can be gained by consuming two or three cups of oolong tea during one day. The body can be harmed if a person takes more than five cups of oolong tea during the day. Taking caffeine in normal amount can increase alertness, decrease mental fatigue, aid the nervous system, increase the metabolic rate, promote weight reduction and make you more efficient in your working environment. But there are some side effects possible if you are drinking 5-6 cups of oolong tea, such as insomnia, sleeping problems, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and cardiovascular problems. So try to drink this tea but in moderate amounts.

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