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Information on Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is a plant which comes from the family knownby the name of Crassulaceae. It commonly grows in the colder regions of theworld, it thrives in freezing temperatures and it is often referred to as theAaron’s rod, roseroot or golden root. Rhodiola rosea is a dioecious type ofplant which means that there are separate male and female plants. Numerous scientific studies have shown thatthe root of the rhodiola plant has very potent properties and it can providethe human body with various health benefits. It is a very healthy herb and itsroots are very rich in certain types of nutrients. Rhodiola is very popularbecause of its potent adaptogen properties. Adaptogen herbs are very beneficialbecause they are efficient in balancing the entire body, resisting anyenvironmental, physical, chemical or biological stressors and not producing anyside effects. A true adaptogen must be completely nontoxic.

Uses and Benefits

Most people suffer from low levels of energy and constantexposure to stress on a regular daily basis. Rhodiola rosea is graduallygrowing more and more popular because it is very efficient in increasing thelevels of energy and balancing the entire body. Numerous users also use it toalleviate the depression, improve the overall mood and relieve several othermedical conditions. Rhodiola rosea may come in very handy when it comes toreducing fatigue and improving the mental and the physical performance of anindividual. Rhodiola rosea may be of great help when it comes to promotinghealthy sleep, improving one’s sexual performance, promoting the mentalclarity, maintaining proper and healthy levels of sugar in the blood,increasing the stamina and endurance and even aiding in the process of weightloss. All those magical health benefits occur because rhodiola rosea interactswith the human body in various ways. The monoamine oxidase inhibition and itsinfluence on beta-endorphins and several other opioid peptides trigger certainchanges in the levels of dopamine and serotonine. Rhodiola is also veryefficient when it comes to fighting off the free radicals, reducing the amountand severity of damage they cause, increasing the metabolism of fat andbalancing the stress response system. There are certain types of rhodiolasupplements which are not made from pure Rhodiola Rosea so they are sometimesassociated with the occurrence of some side effects. That is why it is highlyrecommended to use only supplements manufactured with freeze dried RhodiolaRosea.

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