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Are you and your partner talking about expanding your family? Trying to get pregnant is a very exciting time! Everyone will tell you that you may not conceive immediately and that you should make peace with waiting at least half a year before getting that positive pregnancy test. But it may happen during your first cycle as well, so making sure that you are truly prepared for a pregnancy is wise. What should you and your other half consider before taking the plunge?

1. Your relationship

Many couples talk about their health and finances before they ditch their birth control. If you both feel ready to become parents, you have a great opportunity to take a closer look at your relationship and its future too. Maybe you're perfectly happy now, but a baby sure changes the dynamics within a family. If you have any concerns about your partner, now is the time to discuss them openly. And don't forget to have an honest chat about your ideas of parenting and family life too. Who will look after the baby? Do you want someone to stay at home, or have two working parents? What are your views on disciplining children, and what role do you have in mind for the grandparents? Tackle these potentially tricky subjects now, while they're still theoretical!

2. Your health

Head to the doctor for some medical checks before you start trying for a baby. Both men and women should ideally get tested for nutritional deficiencies, sexually transmitted diseases, and have a general medical examination before they try to conceive a baby. Your doctor can also give you information about folic acid supplements, and may be able to help you if you need to stop smoking before trying for a baby. Once you get the green light, you know there is nothing to worry about!

3. Your finances

Contrary to popular belief, babies don't need to cost a lot of money at all. Pregnancy and birth may be pricey, so check your health insurance and shop around for better plans if you need to it will be too late once you conceive! How will a baby affect your career and income? What is the price of daycare facilities if you plan to use them? Is your current home suitable for a baby? If you are planning to move, what will that add to your monthly expenses? Those who plan and organize on time will certainly be better off financially.

4. Your cycle

Couples increase their chances of conceiving soon if they are roughly aware of the female partner's fertile days. There are many ways in which women can get to know their menstrual cycle. You can use ovulation tests, an ovulation calendar, chart to conceive, or learn to recognize your body's natural signs that you are fertile. Any of these methods brings you a step closer to pregnancy.

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