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Although the use of manual manipulation of the body is an ancient art, the origin of modern chiropractic science can be traced to the late 19th century when Daniel David Palmer, a healer from Iowa, began practising chiropractic care out of a desire to cure illness and disease without the use of drugs. Chiropractic science attempts to restore the body's balance and health through the maintenance of the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. Chiropractors believe that spinal misalignment can be harmful to the maintenance of these bodily systems, thus resulting in diminished health and as a result look to boost the body's own recuperative and regenerative attributes.Education
In order to qualify professionally as a chiropractor, it is necessary for one to attend several years of undergraudate education, undertake hours of work at chiropractic college in addition to passing numerous National Board exams alongside an official licensing exam set by the state in which one will practice. The initial years of study in the US deal mainly with biology and science, followed by 4 to 5 years attendance at a chiropractic college accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. An internship at an outpatient clinic is also a requirement for a prospective chiropractor. Training undertaken at CCE-accredited schools are recognised throughout the US.While at the chiropractic college, students may undertake the study of subjects including orthopaedics, pathology, radiology, adjusting techniques, anatomy, neurology, biochemistry, diagnostics and physiology.


The two types of examination that chiropractic students will undergo as part of chiropractic qualification are known repectively as 'Board Certification' and 'Licensure.' Board Certification, conducted by the National Board of Chiropractor Examiners, aims to set a national standard for chiropractic care. Licensure is conducted by individual states in accordance with that state's laws. Licensing regulations differ from state to state, but most require Board certification and in a few, the passing of a practical exam is a requirement. Chiropractors must also attend a certain amount of education hours each year in order to keep their licence and maintain high chiropractic standards.

The Chiropractic Oath

Should you wish to become a chiropractor, then you will likely become familiar with the Chiropractic Oath. This oath describes the ideals and motivation that should be a part of a chiropractor's makeup. The following is an extract from the Oath:"May God so direct the skillful use of my hands that I may bring strength to the sick, relief to the suffering, peace of mind to the anxious, and inspiration to all humanity to attain bountiful health that we may live this life to the fullest expression of its innate endowments."

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