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The American Institute of Massage Therapy seeks to promote high-quality massage therapy education programs with the aim of developing and advancing the art of massage. It takes seven months or less to gain a massage therapy certificate from the AIMT. The Institute, located in Florida, has existed for more than 20 years so far (established 1983) and can help potential masseurs and masseuses embark on a successful career in massage therapy. The school is well established and maintains links with several highly regarded medical institutions. Financial aid is available to any AIMT students who are qualified to receive it.


Classes can be taken in the day or in the evening and can thus be arranged around one's own schedule. Classes are held at the AIMT campus, located near Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale, and take the following format. Massage therapy is taught through hands-on learning and one can learn various types of technique, such as sports massage, reflexology, Asian bodywork, aromatherapy, prenatal massage and Swedish massage. Students will also examine areas related to fields like physiology, ergonomics, anatomy, lymphatic drainage and natural remedies. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure proper interaction between teacher and student.

In addition to classroom learning, students are required to participate in 45 hours of practical learning at a clinic located on the campus. Students must also attend events and participate in projects that will help them gain experience working with the public. The Institute is known for its outreach programs and low cost tuition, which help make the school one of the best places to go if one desires to learn the art of massage therapy.

Students are encouraged to foster good working relationships with both their peers and their teachers. In turn, the teachers attempt to be as friendly as possible towards the students in order to ensure a good quality working environment for all. Separate study groups are seen to develop regularly in AIMT, due to the closeness that is grown widely among students at the Institute.Accreditation

AIMT is fully accredited by official bodies and licensing institutes like the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools, the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, and is also a member of several other bodies such as the American Massage Therapy Association, the American Medical Massage Association, the International Sports Massage Foundation.

AIMT is one of the best schools around in terms of massage therapy, thanks to the variety of its curriculum and the quality of education it provides.

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