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Vitamins – overview

Vitamins fall into the group of the most important nutritious elementswhose intake the body requires daily. One can never have enough vitamins, andthey have a vital role in preserving the overall health. Apart from being ableto boost the immunity, they also improve brain functions, concentration, cellgrowth and many other things. These are just some of the things that allvitamins can generally do regardless of the specific type of vitamin. But asidefrom those abilities they all have in common, every particular vitamin has itsown set of abilities that others don’t. Vitamin A fits the category offat-soluble vitamins, which basically means that it dissolves into fat ratherthan water.

The beneficial effect of vitamin A on the eyesight

Vitamin A has many benefits, but the one that it’s perhapsmost popular for is that it helps preserve good eyesight. Consuming largequantities of vitamin A will not only help keep keen eyesight for a very longtime, but it will also make the eye more resistant to everything that couldpotentially attack it, from different infections and inflammations to moreserious conditions like cataract that, if caught, could result in blindness.

The beneficial effect of vitamin A on the immune system

Even though all vitamins are known to strengthen theimmunity, some do it more efficiently than others. Vitamin A is one of thosevitamins that do it quite efficiently. Apart from vitamin C, it is the best oneto take in when in need of some revitalizing. The best thing that vitamin Adoes for the immune system is help the white blood cells work more effectively.And when white blood cells’ function is at its prime, then the risk of any kindof infection is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The beneficial effect of vitamin A on the skin

Vitamin A is also recommended for maintaining youthfulhealthy skin because it provides the skin with the moisture it needs to obtainthe glow and softness that it’s meant to have.

The beneficial effect of the antioxidants in vitamin A

Thanks to its antioxidant values, vitamin A has the abilityto preserve the body of some of the most threatening diseases out there. It isvery good for keeping the heart safe from diseases, particularly heart attack,and it also fights of the free radicals, from which the cancer develops reallywell.

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