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Kefir is afermented milk drink which is considered to fall under the category ofprobiotics. Probiotics are the kind of microbes that protect their host andprevent diseases. Kefir milk is abundant in its content of probiotics and itsconsumption keeps the stomach bacteria-free and healthy, while the person willfeel completely revitalized.

The base of the kefir and other products related to it, like kefir bread or kefir cheese, arekefir grains. Kefir grains are added to the milk before beginning the processof fermentation. They are crucial to the process and the making of kefirbecause they contain the good kind of bacteria that cleanses the organism andgets rid of the bad kind.

How arekefir grains beneficial to the health?

The abilityof kefir grains to maintain the hygiene of the stomach and the entire organism,for that matter, thanks to the good bacteria they contain, is only thebeginning of the beneficial effects that they can have to the health.

While theythemselves don’t exactly contain nutritious elements like vitamins and such,the bacteria they contain will produce it in combination with milk. That’s whythe products that are based on kefir grains are filled with many importantvitamins. These vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and two of thevitamin B complex vitamins – vitamin B2 and vitamin B12. It’s needless to sayjust how powerful this vitamin combination is for the entire immune system, notto mention the benefits that each of these vitamins brings to particular bodyparts and functions.

Aside fromthe vitamins, kefir also contains vast amounts of minerals, two most importantof those being magnesium and calcium, which, besides their regular benefits,also have a soothing effect to the nerves.

Also, akind of amino acid called tryptophan can be found in kefir as well. Tryptophanis necessary for proper growth and development.

Finally,kefir does not only participate in maintaining the general good health, but itcan also help deal with a number of conditions and diseases. The conditionsinclude atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, indigestion and cancer, toname a few.

Who candrink kefir?

Kefir is ahealthy beverage and there really aren’t any side effects that it can provokein a person. That basically means that kefir is recommended for everybody, eventhe people who suffer from lactose intolerance. This is because certainelements that kefir grains contain are able to make sure that the lactose iscompletely digested, therefore, it can cause no problems. There is only onesmall warning, and that is the fact that cooking kefir will most certainlydiminish these abilities, so it is best to consume it raw.

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