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It has been known for a long time that vitamin E has numerous benefits that positively affect human health. Some studies have shown that higher doses of vitamin E may prevent and possibly treat some diseases such as: menstrual disorders, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, eye diseases, low sperm count, muscle cramps, Parkinson's disease, asthma and breast cancer. It was recently discovered that vitamin E increases blood circulation and prevents the formation of thrombus, especially in diabetics. Also, this vitamin has ability to regulate vitamins level in the body which has a positive effect on strengthening the immune system. Bearing in mind the above, it is necessary to increase the use of foods that are rich in these vitamins such as spinach, wheat germ and green leafy vegetables.

However, vitamin E has the greatest use in care and treatment of skin. Numerous individual experiences have shown that vitamin E oil assists in the withdrawal and prevention of cold sores. When person feel that the cold sore is going to appear, it is necessary to rub on that spot a few drops of this oil a couple times a day. As a result of regular oil application on the lips, cold sores proven occur less frequently.

Vitamin E may be of great help in the care of dry skin which is more than any other type of skin prone to aging. The oil applies in the evening to previously cleansed skin massaging the areas affected by wrinkles and other troubled parts of the face. In this way, dry skin hydrates and softens, which slows down wrinkles occurrence. Also, vitamin E oil can be a great base for daytime makeup. This oil should not be applied to oily skin.

Due to antioxidant effect of vitamin E, the skin is protected from ultraviolet radiation and harmful infections. In relation to this, vitamin E oil can be very effective protection from the sun as well as good medicine for the treatment of burns caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. Therefore, regular use of this preparation prevents the formation of skin cancer. It is necessary to rub it on sunburns, twice a day until the damaged skin is healed.

There are numerous individual informal Testimonies about effectiveness of vitamin E oil in fading scars. Oil should be applied twice a day until scar is less visible.

Many women use vitamin E oil in pregnancy to prevent formation of stretch marks. This oil applies during some time twice a day, rubbing into the skin to adjust and reduce the possibility of stretch marks. Also, this product successfully reduced the traces of the previous stretch marks.

Vitamin E oil is best used during the daily time-out and after a bath before going to sleep, which allows easy and simple use of this oil in the recommended dose.

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